Yecca Zeng

Upon discovering the virtues of fabric and safety pins at the tender age of 9, every found textile from empty pillowcases to discarded blankets have fallen at the mercy of Yecca's eager hands. For years, her little sister proved a most suitable model for sending hundreds of swathed silhouettes down the living room runway. This early love of shaping flat materials into dimension has only grown stronger and more advanced, as Yecca completes her BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology in May 2012. Her multiple internships across the industry including textiles, beading/embroidery, ready-to-wear, eveningwear, and lingerie as well as numerous freelance opportunities have given her a taste of everything... and she likes what's on the menu. Recently, she has professed her profound love for lingerie. She appreciates the importance of line, the delicacy of materials, and acute attention to details. Color is especially important to Yecca, who always hunts for the right shade that will imbibe her design with its intended feeling. Armed with a box of real dressmaker pins and an arsenal of dreamy laces, Yecca is delighted to share her vision with all who are intrigued to look further.

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